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By Austin Wattles, March 2017

The Society of Friends (Quakers) arose in the 17th century in England as a mystical awakening as a dissenting people from the established Church of England. Back then the State and Religion were together and Friends, among others, suffered persecution.

Perhaps a summary of the religion can be said as the religious experience of George Fox, one of the early leaders. He was disturbed as a young man but experienced a religious conversion: "There is one, even Christ Jesus, that can speak to thy condition."

Friends survived and came later to found Philadelphia and the colony of Pennsylvania. Quakerism spread across America and established a number of Yearly Meetings. Our Yearly Meeting, Ohio Conservative Yearly Meeting, has retained a number of the characteristics of early Friends and has testimonies such as:simplicity in person and home, non-participation in violence and wars, honesty in business, trying always to speak the truth, and being of service to others.

We have silent Meetings where people are led by the Holy Spirit to speak, all without paid ministry. The Bible is central to our faith. We welcome anyone who wants to search and find with us.