Reflections for 4th Month, 2022

Stand still, wait for divine guidance, then act.
— New England Yearly Meeting Advices

In his book, “Being a Quaker”, Geoffrey Durham wrote about the traditional Quaker silent meeting for worship: “What Quakers are doing in their meetings is waiting on the Divine.” And he wrote about the many positive ways he has been led in his life as a result of silent worship.

But Durham also pointed out that when he first started to attend Quaker meetings, he did not always settle into the correct frame of mind. It turns out many of us at Peachtree Friends have had, and sometimes still have, the same problem.

A few weeks ago, prior to meeting for worship, we got to talking about that. We all agreed that sometimes the distractions and worries of day-to-day life make it difficult to settle our minds.

I knew that was true for me, a relative newcomer to Quaker worship. (I told everyone about the time I spent the entire meeting with an Elton John song running through my head.) But it was actually encouraging for me to hear that even lifelong Quakers who attend Peachtree Friends meetings sometimes have the same problem.

For some it’s prayer that focuses them, for others it’s focusing on a meaningful word, for others it’s intentional breathing. Sometimes it takes a little bit of effort to let go of our distractions, but it’s always worth it.

We welcome you to join us this month in silent waiting on the Divine – even if you bring an Elton John song with you.

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