Reflections for 5th Month, 2022

Are you open to the many ways Spirit may speak to you?
— New England Yearly Meeting Advices

The silent meeting for worship, which we use at Peachtree Friends Meeting, is one of the things that attracts many people to Quakerism.

But for some, it can also be a little uncomfortable. In today’s society, we almost never sit with other people in silence for a sustained period of time. An hour of silence can feel awkward, especially when attending a meeting the first few times.

Even if you think this could be difficult for you, we encourage you to attend a Peachtree Friends meeting for worship. If you need to stand or walk or read or write during the meeting, that would not be a problem.

And fortunately, our meeting space is very accommodating as well. There’s plenty of room to move about inside – and even outside if you like the weather that morning. We would just ask that you be as quiet as possible.

A Quaker silent meeting for worship can be a powerful spiritual experience. We invite you to join us on First Day and try it out.

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